Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - Road Trip!

Tune In Tuesday Road Trip Edition
I more or less forgot about this. One of the many problems of cutting yourself off from the internet, after a while you really don't miss it.
But I really want to join in this week, especially since it's the last road trip edition.

For this week's I've decided to share songs I've listened to while on road trips, that now remind me of those trips.

Had I joined last week's Tune In, it probably would have been all Brad Paisley. Probably meaning "most likely" since I did mention it earlier this month. Mainly his instrumentals, where it's just him with his guitar.
I chose this one because while we drove through Yellowstone listening to him, my dad saw deer by the side of the road and got really excited. And just as he was stopping the car to take a picture this song started playing with the opening line "When you see a deer you see Bambi."
Very perfect moment.

I apparently listen to a lot of country while on the road.
Story behind this one: driving around (yeah we drive around a lot) Joshua Tree I made a joke that we had to listen to Josh Turner just because of the names matching.

Road trip I took with my sister, we kept changing radio stations and kept finding this song, like 3 times in one night. I shouldn't even say night, maybe less than 2 hours?
Funny thing is that after that I never found it on the radio again.

This actually isn't from a "road trip" but a cruise. This song led to another one of those "perfect moments" I live for them and they happen a lot to me. Weekly if I'm lucky.
I got this song as a free download, back when wherever it was had free weekly downloads, I probably wasn't too familiar with The B-52's before then but had heard the song many times before. It instantly made it on my repeat list that summer, which ended with an Alaskan cruise.
Our first night we joined in on a trivia contest, first question: name that tune!

As much as I love old sitcoms I've never cared for The Honeymooners, but I was familiar with this scene, which was pretty much me.

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  1. I listen to a LOT of country while driving too, they just seem to go together! Also, I LOVE On The Floor!