Friday, May 17, 2013

Still (not so) "Vintage" and Still Have that Giveaway

I started this odd experiment about a month and a half ago, and so far I've only updated twice. And I still have a month to go
Now that could mean one of two things. One I've done so great giving up technology that I haven't even want to update here or there hasn't been much too say.
Well it's a little of both.
I have successfully given up my constant use of my computer. But then I'm coming up with random excuses every chance I get.
I did say that whenever I was working on a class project all bets were off. Those random Goodreads updates were not a part of it. I was in the moment and lost my head.
Truth I was mainly bored.

Adding to my boredom it's probably 'cause I don't have a lot going on. And I've never been the constantly texting, always posting updates and looking up random stuff to past the boredom type.
So I wasn't letting too much go, it's really just reflex sometimes.

But again, my main point of this I have reduced my technology use.
But then I've also reduced a lot of other things that require the use of technology.
Like this blog. When I started I had every intention on writing even more than I did (or still do) and it worked.
For about two or three weeks.
I'm giving myself another month, hopefully I can get back into that original habit, probably for another two or three weeks. But I already had a good month and that's more than I expected.

And now for the possibly worst promoted giveaway I'm still giving away those signed Going Vintage bookmarks from my original post see them and sign up HERE.
Giveaway runs until June 15.

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