Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tune In Tuesday

These last few weeks I've been listening to a lot of music I listened to 5 years ago, 2008, the year I graduated high school, or more popularly known as the year I "took up" country music.
Since they were the first country songs I paid attention to - well not really I'd been paying attention to the genre for five years prior to that, they're more like the songs that had me falling for the genre- I was kind of surprised that I had all but forgotten them.

Had you asked me I probably would have had a hard time naming them, at least right away.

But then, like I said, a few weeks ago I heard one playing and it all came back.


I'm pretty sure I knew about Taylor before I saw this, but I've always had it marked down as when I really started liking her. The song, her sparkly guitar. the girly set, and also the fact that she's my age.
The last one bugged me once, mainly because she said it was the best year of her life and well it was a pretty crappy one for me.
Only negative moment I've had though.
I have to admit I was a bigger fan then than I am now.
Plus I remember the day after that I went around to a few people saying they had to listen to her! Now it's them coming to me asking if I've heard the new Taylor Swift song.


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  1. Aww, "Our Song" is so sweet! And my brother is a big fan of that Trace Adkins song, understandably. :)

    My TTT.