Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meg-a-Readers Take 2

You know what I haven't called for in a long time? Well since last year's blogoversery.
A fanfare!

It's here after months and months of...waiting.
Well waiting on your part, for myself and Mandy it's mainly been freaking out about setting dates.
Today's what makes it worth it.

It's day one of this year's Meg-a-Readers, in which we come to together and spend yet another summer celebrating all things Meg Cabot; along with her two new releases Awaken (out today!) and The Bride Wore Size 12.

I personally am celebrating my own Meg Cabot milestone, just last month was 10 years since I first picked up The Princess Diaries!
10 years since everything I once knew changed.
10 years since I discovered so many new things.
10 years since I became who I am today.
Well more or less, I was 13 at the time so I have grown a lot since that time.
2003 The Summer of my Awakening story coming soon. (Awakening how appropriate.) Also look forward for How Meg Cabot Changed My Views on Many Subjects, posting later this summer.

Technically my discovery of Meg took place May 1st, Princess Mia's birthday, - how convenient right? - with Princess Lessons but I had no idea what she was talking about with all the character references, so I acknowledge both months.

I had planned to do a giveaway to celebrate my 10 years, but during that time I was still trying out my Gone Vintage experiment, in which I cut back on my technology use, so I wasn't around long enough to get to it. I also expected this post to coincide with that, so another reason I let the date pass.

But I'll definitely be making up for that throughout this, thanks to Meg, Mandy and I have a summer's worth of giveaways for you all.

Including our Grand Prizes:
Grand Prize: [2 winners]
Size 12 is Not Fat,
Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Big Boned
Size 12 and Ready to Rock
1st Prize:
Abandon & Underworld
 2nd Prize
Underworld & Size 12 and Ready to Rock
All Signed!

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