Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tune in Tuesday - Super Girl

Abandon & Underworld Giveaway.

A part of me kind of wants to check out for the next week and a half, so if I stop posting that's what happened.
Don't worry though I'll be back in time for the next giveaway.

But since last week I did promise I was going to have a Meg-a-Readers inspired post here we are.

It kind of came to me when I was sleeping, or trying to anyway.

I kind of hesitated to share it, since it is from The Princess Diaries movie I didn't want to bring that into the mix, but then I realized the song pretty much fits all of Meg Cabot's characters.

And in my half sleep state I probably came up with a pretty good explanation for that, which just proves that some of my best ideas come when I'm sleeping.

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  1. Haha! Fantastic! I haven't heard this song in forever... haven't watched the movie in ages, either! Thanks for taking me back a bit.

    Litza @ She Dreams in Fiction