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Underworld Read-a-long Week 2

Underworld (Abandon Trilogy, #2)

We're back from the Underworld and running from furies!
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For this week I'm gonna try something different.

Your choice:
  • cast who you would like to see in the movie (were it ever made into one)
  • share pictures of what you would wear while in the Underworld, or anything you'd see there
  • or if you don't want to picture yourself there, what would Pierce wear?
Quite simple... if you've ever thought about it before, and come on admit it you probably have.
Again post wherever you'd like.
My responses for last weeks discussion:
Just for the record I'm answering these a week after I wrote them so my opinion has probably adjusted since then.
1) As we all know Abandon is a "dark re-imagining" of the Persephone and Hades myth, if you could "re-imagine" yourself in any myth, Greek or otherwise, which would it be?
It's kind of funny since I said "reimagine yourself" so I'm pretty much putting myself in the story. First off can I quote Meg Cabot when asked about other myths she liked:
there aren't that many myths in which the ladies come out on top, like they do in the myth of Persephone (after all, she becomes the goddess of Springtime AND Death)! Usually female characters in Greek myths are turned into trees or swans. Even poor Atalanta gets turned into a lion in the end.
- Meg Cabot
And honesty that's where my mind frame kind of was when I thought about this question and what I would say.
Since last year, around the time I read Underworld, I started coming up with the theory that I must have angered a goddess in a past life causing her to curse me. Nothing too serious my life is not a Greek tragedy, more along the lines of like Cassandra, who was given the gift of prophecy but cursed so no one would ever believe her.
So everyone thought she was crazy.
I get you Cassandra, if I had a dollar.
So one of the cursed girls, although I have been finding a lot of relatable things between myself and the goddess Artemis, and not just because her Latin name is Diana.

2) You die and find yourself in the Underworld where John offers you a chance to stay and be his Queen. Along with that you get your choice of pet and breakfast food, first off do you agree to go with John and what do you pick as a pet and breakfast food that will cement you forever to the Underworld (more or less)?

Yeah sure, I've very accepting of my fate.
Or you know in a negative light: not much of a fighter.
As for a pet I'd probably want a puppy, but I can see how a bird would be useful. And I'm not much of a breakfast eater but I could go for some waffles.

3) While in the Underworld, Pierce discovers that her cousin is in danger. How much would you fight to protect your family from furies -or anyone else that get's in the way- and how would you fight off the furies?

Laughing at myself for this one, mainly because just last night I was wondering how much it would take for me to sell out my family.
Moving on...

4) What are your first impressions on John's crew:
  • Henry: Brat
  • Frank: he's supposedly attractive but I don't get it  
  • Mr. Graves: weird
  • Mr. Liu: just as weird. Why wasn't I introduced to these people before I accepted my fate?
  • Typhon - yes I know he's just a dog but would you want to live with him?: I live with a hell hound so no, first hand experience he's not someone you want in your house.

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