Friday, August 2, 2013

Meg-a-Readers Week 5 Recap/ Ask Meg Cabot a Question

We have great news for you guys this week, once again Meg has shown how awesome she is by agreeing to another interview this year (check out last year's HERE) but this time around we want YOU to ask the questions!
Ask away in the comments section below and then check back at the end of the Meg-a-Readers(Sept. 28) to see if your questions were answered.

In other Meg-a-Readers related news; next week marks the halfway point of the event so that means it's time for the Meg Cabot read-a-thon starting Sunday and running until Saturday.

And this past Wednesday was Meg Cabot Day I hope everyone had fun joining in with their #because ofMegCabot tweets. I know I had fun reading them.
And I discovered something that was already known: # because of Meg Cabot we read!
We also write, know a little more about life; and in my case thought it'd be fun to weld by day and dance by night.
Now there's a story.

This week I also shared my favorite opening lines from Meg Cabot's books.

Ashna over at Journal of a Bookworm shared with us what Meg's characters have taught her.

And I'm still giving away a double copy of Shadowland & The Ninth Key.


  1. My question for Meg: What advice would you give to writers trying to publish a book in the young adult genre?

  2. Hi Meg! First of all I'd like to tell you that you are my inspiration and that I love you so much! You are my angel, even away you make my life happier with your books. I'd like to know: when are you coming to Brazil?

  3. My question for Meg: How we finish a book? How can you not give up? I mean, I'm trying, but I can't stick to it so long.. It's frustrating! And, I love you.. You inspired me since I started reading your books!

  4. Question: I love all your female protagonists but I also fell in love with all your male ones, especially Michael Moscovitz. Do you believe that there are real guys out there who resemble your male characters?

  5. Hi Meg! I've notices that you almost have done all book genres from supernatural to royal to everyday life.. What other genres are you planning to write on, something that you have never did before?

  6. Questions:

    1. If you were to choose any of your books to become movies - except for Princess Diaries of course - which one would you want?

    2. Which age genre is easiest to write? YA, NA, Adult, Middle Grade, ect?

    3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one of your characters, who would it be and why?

    4. If you were to have a conversation with one of your characters who would it be and why?

    5. Is the "death dorm" based on an actual dorm?

    6. What made you think of the idea from The Boy Next Door being in all emails? It's so interesting how it played out, what made you think "Hmmm... I should write this in emails only. No paragraphs necessary!"

    7. Do you base any of your characters from people you know in real life or do they just come from your imagination?

    8. Do you get to pick out all of your book covers? I know some authors say they don't have any input on it.

    9. Are you a cat or dog person?

    10. Is Hades/Persephone your favorite Greek story? Are there others you fancy as well?