Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Most Favorite Secondary Characters

I just looked through a few blogs that I follow and a few already have their Wednesday post up; and me, I'm barely getting to my Tuesday post.
I still have four hours in the day.
Of course I did spend four and a half hours watching the Pretty Little Liars marathon. I had to catch my mom up.
That's a perfect excuse.
Much better than yesterday's anyway.

I love secondary characters, sometimes more than I like the main characters.
Bad Kitty (Bad Kitty, #1) Rock 'n' Roll is Undead (Veronica Mason #1) Abandon (Abandon Trilogy, #1) Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods, #1) Splendor (Luxe, #4) Darwin's Children (Darwin's Children, #1) The Belly Dancer Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Runaway (Airhead, #3) Temptation (Temptation, #1)

1) Roxy from Bad Kitty. I love all the characters in the book, but Roxy is me. Or at least who I'd like to me.

2) Kitty from Rock'n'Roll Is Undead. Ditto.

3) Kayla from Abandon. She's the though friend I never had.

4) Oliver from Blue Bloods. A funny (although not very) thing happens when I admit to liking a character, he usually dies. On good days in the very next chapter after I share that I like him.
I'd love to make a list but then we'd have a spoiler problem.
Anyway Oliver hasn't died, yet, but ever since I admitted it I've kind of been waiting for it to happen.

5) Teddy from The Luxe series. I loved Teddy, I even said he should get his own spin-off.

6) Haylee from Darwin's Children. Like Roxy, this girl always makes my list of favorite characters.

7) Amina from The Belly Dancer She really made me miss dancing.

8) Finnick from Catching Fire [Purposely left blank]

9) Nikki from Runaway I'd probably read a spin-off about her too!

10) Sam from Temptation. Which I am currently reading, so I'd like to think Sam is my main reason for participating this week, because I just had to share that I'm really enjoying his character. Of course I keep telling myself if I had a brother myself I'd probably be bugged by him.


  1. I;m only familiar with Finnick on your list. It was a fun list.

  2. I am with Anne! I haven't read any of these books (except Catching Fire)! Kudos to you for introducing us to so many new titles!