Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tune In Tuesday

You know what the worst kind of lazy is? When you don't even have a reason for it (by which I mean procrastination and such).
Although I guess a whole week of class might qualify. But I doubt it.
This past week my mind has been so muddled that I don't even think I've realized that a week has gone by.
Other than falling behind on blogging; I have 2 weeks to read 3 books all over 350 pages. It usually takes me that long to read one book at that length. Unless it's so amazing, but even then it's been some time that I've read a book in less than two days. Sometimes even short stories take me a while.

Safe to say I'm a bit overwhelmed on that front at the moment. Hopefully once I get these three out of the way things should settle down. And really it's more like three weeks and I can always put one on hold.
But of course I don't think I want to.

Anyway for this week's music post I've picked a song that I was listening to the other day and had my mom come up to me telling me she liked it.

She just came back from a road trip out east and apparently it was over played.

And my second pick:

I was just listening to it and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.


  1. I love both songs! My friend took me to a Miranda concert last year and I got a shirt with those lyrics on it. And of course I just love anything by Taylor Swift. Also, try not to be so stressed! I hope the next week is more productive and less stressful for you!

    1. Fun! I've always wanted to go to a concert but I've always been more into musicals.
      And thanks, honestly I think I just needed to get it out since I've mellowed out since I posted.

  2. Aww, Taylor Swift! That video is adorable. Here's my pick for this week.

    1. I love her earlier videos.

  3. Isn't that Taylor Swift song in a movie? I think that's why it sounds familiar... maybe. Anyway! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful week this week. Blue skies up ahead... and all that jazz. :)

    Here's my Tune in Tuesday!