Friday, September 27, 2013

Meg-a-Readers Finale

It's the second to last day of Meg-a-Readers. Oh my gods, was not the colorful phrase I yelled out when I realized it. I thought I had another week!
And here I was about to go out of town this weekend.

There will be a very special post, featuring Meg Cabot and the questions you all summited for her tomorrow. So be sure to check that out!
But for today, I'd like to throw out my final words.

First off, I have to thank my fab co-host Mandy for coming up with the entire idea last year. Everyone aware of this event is probably only reading this because of her. It was all her posting, promoting, getting this event out there.
She deserves extra thanks since I was practically hibernating for the first third or so. 
And then of course the reason for all of this Meg Cabot.
The reason I read, the reason I spent a huge majority of my time in my ninth grade computer class reading her blog, the reason that for a long long time my bookshelves were "filled" with only her books.
[Picture is from 2005, the area has since been cleaned up.]
(I have to admit that a small part of me does miss those days, only because now I have two boxes filled with books in need of shelves.)
All in all she might even be the reason my bookshelves had books! Well that I intended to read.
Meg Cabot the only person that can send me a note saying that there's a place for me in the Underworld and make me tear up in a positive way. And with the summer I had I was all for running away with John and Pierce.
Once again this year we had books to giveaway because of Meg sending Mandy and myself both boxes filled with them. I should also say thanks for just the boxes I've needed to store things, as I mentioned above with my shelf-less books.
Then of course there's Meg's assistant Ann, our connection to Meg herself. I can't imagine all that she does, but she still took time out for two little bloggers.
And let us not forget, our fellow Meg-a-Readers:

My always awesome co-host!


Sadly that's all from me this time around; but remember:
we're always Meg-a-Readers!

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