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Temptation - Review

Temptation (Temptation, #1)Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published June 26th 2012 by Harlequin Teen

Your heart misleads you.
That's what my friends and family say.
But I love Noah.
And he loves me.
We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other's arms.
It should be

forever, easy.
But it won't be.

Because he's Amish.
And I'm not.

Incredibly tempting. There's just something about wanting something that you can't have; that makes you want to shout out "Take it, it's worth it!"

I had a lot of feelings fly around while reading this, some good, some bad.
Love, annoyance, admiration, frustration.
I don't even feel half that in my normal day to day life. So safe to say that there are a few mixed emotions on my final thoughts for the book.

I'm sure many people wouldn't believe in Rose and Noah's instant connection, but many other would. Especially the way it's described and written out in this book. It was practically like being a fly on the wall. I not only believed it, I felt it. It's a young love, you don't get that after a certain age.

The characters are each so distinct and interesting on their own, from Noah's family to Rose's brothers.
And the story progresses perfectly; they meet, the temptation is ignited, and the Romeo and Juliet styled romance begins. Honestly I'm not much of a fan of those two I just mentioned, but I was beyond hoping for Noah and Rose. I needed a happy ending for them.
I couldn't even make it to the end for fear of what would happen. I would stop and just think: "Things are good here let's leave 'em like this, things are good things are happy. Enough motions, no need to see where things might turn."
But I did make it  to the end, and things did turn, and turned.

This book really brought out the romantic in me, and that's such a rare occurrence that I tend to lie to myself that I even have that side. Because of that this love story will be staying with me for quite some time.

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