Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday Cover Edition

Apparently last week's cover song wasn't playable, clearly I didn't double check that one. Sorry about that, trust me though it's a great cover.
Fingers crossed this week's work, or I'm going back to videos for my next post.

Honestly, I think I prefer this cover version to the original, but that might be because it's one of those songs that took a while to grown on me.


  1. I've never watched Nashville but it looks like it would be a good show. Nice cover.

    1. I've actually never seen the show myself either, I just heard the cover on the radio one day.

  2. I was so close to posting this song this week! I absolutely love the original but my cousin recently shared this version with me and I couldn't stop listening to it!

  3. What a lovely cover! I really like the original song too (although I did get a bit sick of it, with the constant radio play...), but these girls give it a unique spin.