Friday, October 25, 2013

Children of the Knight

Children of the KnightChildren of the Knight
According to legend, King Arthur is supposed to return when Britain needs him most. So why does a man claiming to be the once and future king suddenly appear in Los Angeles?
This charismatic young Arthur creates a new Camelot within the City of Angels to lead a crusade of unwanted kids against an adult society that discards and ignores them. Under his banner of equality, every needy child is welcome, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, or gang affiliation.
With the help of his amazing First Knight, homeless fourteen-year-old Lance, Arthur transforms this ragtag band of rejected children and teens into a well-trained army—the Children of the Knight. Through his intervention, they win the hearts and minds of the populace at large, and gain a truer understanding of themselves and their worth to society. But seeking more rights for kids pits Arthur and the children squarely against the rich, the influential, and the self-satisfied politicians who want nothing more than to maintain the status quo.
Can right truly overcome might? Arthur’s hopeful young knights are about to find out, and the City of Angels will never be the same.

It's a modern day King Arthur. All I needed to hear.
I love the legend of Arthur and this modern spin-off/retelling, whatever you'd call it, was pretty amazing.

I'll admit it wasn't an instant connection for me. I at no point felt like I needed to keep going long into the night. But that's a good thing about it. It's a subtle connection. And it'll make you keep wanting to read.

This twist on the classic legend is both imaginative, in that it's Arthur rising again, in the streets of L.A no less. And real, because there is a world out there that is described in great detail. 

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