Saturday, October 12, 2013

Double Read-a-thon!

I'm not only joining the 24 hour read-a-thon today but I'm also a part of the Wonderfully Wicked Read-A-Thon this week.
That's allowed right?
My joining two read-a-thons (three if you count the Insurgent Read-a-thon this week too,) is a perfect example of how I've been over scheduling myself when it comes to books.
I'd love to say I plan to slow down these next few months but that's just a hope I have. Reading is the one thing I can't slow myself down with, because if I slow it might as will be stopping. At least it feels that way.

My best goal with these read-a-thons is to lower my currently reading list of 6 to at least 2. But preferably 1.

Other than Insurgent, which I have been reading since the last read-a-thon, last week, I'll be working on:
Dead Girls Don't Lie Little Bird The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1)
And the other ones I'm working on.
Although I should say The Edge of Never was a library book I had to return and now I'm waiting to get it back so it's not exactly at the top of the list.

I don't know how much reading I'll get done today, other than the next few hours and tonight because I'll be going to the library for Teen Author Fest for YALSA's Teen Read Week later today. I'd call it another over scheduling but it's more of a last minute "why not" decision.
Another bad habit of mine.

And what is up with that? This is the second time I've had to choose read-a-thon or book fair!

Anyway, so I'll still be around books, just instead of reading them I'll be getting more to read, or add to my shelf {shaking my head as I write that}- or box seeing as how I am still shelf-less.


  1. Never thought of combining readathon! Have a blast with both


  2. I love that you are doing more than one. I need to do that but I am only going to lock myself in the house for one day. The 24 hour read a thon. LOL!

  3. Hope that you are still going strong!


  4. Combining readathons is SMART ;) And a bit crazy too? LOL

    Hope you're having a great day!
    Jennifer~ Team Otter Cheerleader!
    The Relentless Reader

  5. The Teen Author Fest sounds fun -- hope you liked it! And that you're getting some Read-a-Thon action going, too. I loved Insurgent.

    Team Otter Cheerleader, Joy
    Joy's Book Blog