Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - Walk This Way

I woke up literally singing this song, so if that's not a sign to share it I don't know what is.

But of course when do I ever simply pick the original to share.

Plus I love this performance! Especially the first part. The day after it aired I spent the day re-watching the video.

And I have to share this cover because I love David Garrett and will take any chance I get to play his music.

I've also taken every chance I get to mention he'll be in town a week before my birthday, as of now I'm NOT going. Sadly.


  1. I love Steven Tyler! That performance with him and Carrie Underwood is amazing! Thanks for sharing! =)

    My Tune In Tuesday is here: http://www.hazelleevaughn.com/2013/10/28/tuneintues001/

  2. I have never seen that performance of Carrie and Steven together. I loved it! They looked like they were having so much fun with it!