Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - 90's Edition

Tune In Tuesday 90s Edition
So much has gone through my mind since I found out that this month's Tune In theme would be the 90's. I am a child of the 90's -I always joke that I waited a month to make sure the 80's were really over. So yay I get to go back, even though I usually don't want to.  And hopefully it'll encourage me to try out a new feature that I've been thinking about since I started this blog almost three years ago.
And the options! We're gonna need more than a month. Although if I actually follow though with my new feature that really won't be a problem.

Question: Were they "in"? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't like them because my sister told me not to. (Nowadays I'm blaming her for a lot of things I did and did not like growing up. I was 6 years younger I was impressionable.)

I probably secretly liked them, though there's no evidence of that. How can you not love that hair!?
Guys can not pull that off anymore. Nor should they try.

I was talking to a guy, probably 19, about "old" music and he started playing this song. End of that conversation. First time I ever felt dated.
It's one thing for you yourself to pull the "in my day" card, but to have someone remind you of it, that's when it hits you. Or me at least.
But apparently there's a 15 year rule for music to be considered "oldies" so I guess he was right.

And if you get just one song stuck in your head today:

I loved this song, when it came out. And yes, I do remember the first time I heard it. Pretty sure it was right after I saw Scream. Or some scary movie.


  1. Aqua!!! I totally have Aquarium and still listen to it sometimes. Also, I have seen Sugar Ray in concert. They were touring with Matchbox Twenty. :)

    My pick for this week.

  2. They played Barbie Girl at EVERY single one of my middle school dances. I for one refuse to think of the 90's as oldies...even if there is that 15 year rule lol!

  3. Oh my gosh, these are so classic 90's! I was totally in love with all things Sugar Ray back in the day. Ditto that with Hanson. I have no idea where my Aqua album went to, though. Sad day. Thanks for sharing these and taking me back!

  4. I LOVE these songs!! <3 <3 <3 Like *really* LOVE them! So many memories, OMG! Oh, to be young again! I can't even remember how many times I've sung to Mmmbop, Someday, and Barbie Girl....