Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - 90's Favorites

Tune In Tuesday 90s Edition

We've come to the end of our 90's month, and I actually participated every week!
That alone is worth celebrating. Progress people.

Today I have to share my all time favorites growing up in the 90's.

I know I'm probably like the fourth person posting this video, but come on! It's the Spice Girls! Who didn't listen to them for hours on end? Who didn't want to be like them? And got as close as we could with the dolls?
Well, actually, I never got the dolls. I didn't even get to go see their movie.
And they had a real movie, not just a 3D concert everyone does nowadays!

Now this doll I did have! With that outfit. Loved it, best Christmas gift in my 8 years, I don't even think I wanted to play with it.
I was/am very odd like that.

Oh my gods I loved their show! Until they went to Hollywood then they lost me.
They are the perfect reminder that I have been watching British television for much longer than even I imagined.
Wanted their dolls too. And I think those sang!
Think of the collection I'd have today.

So 90's!

I'm taking it as a sign that I'm posting this one because apparently it was just uploaded two weeks ago. Perfect timing.
This song was played on repeat at my QuinceaƱera, not by my request for the record. I guess I announced it was my song, and someone took it a little too seriously. Eight years later and certain people still remember me as the Dancing Queen.
It's actually kind of nice.

Every Friday, after watching S Club of course, I'd go in my room and put on, I think maybe all these songs, plus the CDs they were on and would pretty much dance for about two hours.
Can't get myself to do that anymore.


  1. Yay for S Club 7 and B*Witched! I think I still have -- somewhere -- the CD singles of "Bring It All Back" and "C'est La Vie."

  2. OMG, I totally forgot about S Club 7, B*Witched, and A*Teens! I had so much fun with their songs!