Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Read-a-thon

12 hours in and I'm already behind. I won't say what I'll be reading. Which is just another way of saying I don't know.
But I do know that for this month I decided to read at least 40 pages a day.

Of course it's only the 6th and I'm already 60 pages behind, which pretty much means my goal for today is to hit 100.

Reason I've fallen behind on my goal?
I've decided to start sewing and scrapbooking.
Not at the same time of course.

My main plan there was finish up what I needed to sew so I can finally put the sewing machine away but at the bottom of all that I found my scrapbook. The room I'm currently stuck in is so small I can't help but notice the many shiny things that distract me, unlike my own room where the main feature was my book shelf.

Had a dream about it last night, some guy spilled orange soda over everything. So really it was more of a nightmare.
Honestly I think that's one of my main nightmares someone doing something to my books while I'm not living in that room. I did think of being over dramatic and bringing them over with me, but other than being over dramatic, I probably would have ended up  damaging them myself. Like I said small room, I barely have 3 feet of floor space both ways.

Anyways, read-a-thon on!
My goal: at least 180 pages.

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