Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tune In Tuesday - Blue and White Christmas

As I write this I have NO idea where I'll be these next two days. Which is why I try to never make plans. They never plan out.

One way or another, wherever I am, Christmas Eve? Longest night of the year for me.
The day goes by in a snap, but sometime around 6; time just slows down. And I think after 9 it starts going backwards.

But I'm not allowed to be bored because, for some reason since I was like 5, my family decided I'm here to entertain them. I blame my crazy aunt who was always trying to make me and her daughter compete when we were kids. Because there's nothing a shy 5 year old wants more than to be forced to sing Christmas carols in front of everyone,

I'm starting to get a little negative so I'll just say: Can it be January 6th already?
I don't know why January 6, it's already Christmas so really I just want to get past New Years. Especially since, though I haven't been informed, I'm pretty sure my plans have been changed.

Sorry if I may make it sound like it, but I am actually not having a Blue Christmas.

It's been a pretty good holiday season this year.

I may or may not have shared this video before, I've only had this blog for so many Christmases, but I wouldn't be surprised since I am an Elvis fan. Even more so this year, since I went to an Elvis Festival. It was pretty awesome, I even wore my Elvis shirt.
Blue Christmas is my favorite Christmas song, I usually start playing it a week before Thanksgiving and don't stop 'til sometime after New Years.

But I picked it today because the other day I realized that Blue Christmas is my favorite song and White Christmas is my favorite movie.

So I'll have a blue Christmas, dreaming of a white Christmas.

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  1. I LOVE the Elvis and Martina song and video so very much. It makes my heart so happy.