Wednesday, January 1, 2014

. . .Hello 2014

So it kind of hit me I'm putting a lot of pressure on 2014 to be better than 2013. It's kind of like the younger sibling you hope won't turn out like it's older sibling.
And as a younger sibling I get complimented on that monthly.

I kind of started wondering if I jinxed things with that hope. Kind of like when you say "things can't get any worse" than they do. Though I've never said that so I wouldn't know.
And I'm not saying that, I'm saying things will be better.
Because I plan to make them.
So really the pressure's all on me.

Now I just need a few neigh-sayers to light that fire. I work a lot better with people betting against me.
I'm optimistic, but I'm also a realist which usually results in me being pessimistic. I've always been a contradiction.

  • One thing I want from myself this year is to lessen my use of the words: actually, although and really. Although I've actually been trying to give up "really" since high school now. Really.

  • I also want to stop saying "oh my god" when exasperated. It doesn't help the situation. I will be more patient and try not to become exasperated in the first place.

  • I'm going to try and stop saying things that I don't want to hear anyone else say. Such as "oh my god!"

  • I will attempt to find a list of things I said I would do so many years ago and actually get them done!
Because if anything is more overdue it's that list.

  • I will not use others as an excuse for not doing what I want. As selfish as it might make me seem, I'm putting myself first. I'm all for helping people but I've given myself to them for the last six years now, I'd like to think it's my turn now.

  • I will continue to want, and try, to help others but only those who don't expect it of me. No more: "You don't mind doing this huge favor for me right." The answer will still be the same "Yes I do mind." Or as I've been saying lately: I'm not volunteering at any Reapings for you.

  • I want to write more.
And not just here.

  • I will also stop rushing myself to finish books.
Which would require me to pay better attention to my deadlines and not think "oh I have plenty of time."

  • Which leads me to say: less deadlines.

I'm slowing down, and giving myself reasons to relax more often. I need reasons to look for downtime. I've been incredibly mellow these few months and I'd like to do whatever I can to hold on to that.
And if you've noticed, the last couple of months also featured me going on about wanting to do something. Whatever it may be. To get out there, and try new things.

So that's my main goal for this year: Just do something!

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