Monday, January 20, 2014

Thoughtfilled Thoughts: Books as Movies - Part 1

*Note on this post: All I can say is, it not only got away from me, like most of my post often do,  it derailed and went farther out then I expected. I'm calling it Part One because, hopefully, if I get to Part Two I'll actually say what I started off saying in this one. Or if not at least explain what I wanted to say.*

This post can also be known as me stating that: we're never going to be satisfied with something, and not all of us are going to agree.

People's options on movies based on books are always going around, but I've been noticing them a lot more. Probably because I'm more aware of book-based movies coming out this year.
So I've decided to throw in my thoughts.

Before I start, I should probably throw out the disclaimer that I was once in film editing so I've spent time in the film world and know what goes into a movie.

My thoughts on the matter: I don't really care.

Now, of course, I'm not saying I don't care if they throw the book out the window and just use certain parts. Example: Disney with both Meg Cabot novels it's done.
Did they even read Avalon High?
Clearly I do care.

I just mean; I don't care if they turn a blond into a brunette.
Is it really that big of a deal?
Just look at the cast of Pretty Little Liars.

I mean, come on, when does an actor look exactly the way you pictured the character? And I mean the actor that everyone wants in the role not the one chosen. End of the day the actor everyone wants is still missing something vital.

Whenever I hear people go on about actors that they want, it feels like they think that the movie studios have them shelved in a warehouse somewhere and can just pull them down when called for.

"The fan based polls want Johnny Depp, he's shelved under D someone grab the forklift and bring him down because that's what the people want!"

Wouldn't that be an interesting world to live in?

- "Wait a minute, but Johnny doesn't fit. He's 20 years older than the character, and has no chemistry with his co-star. Not to mention he doesn't want the role."
- "I don't care get him! It's what the people want!"

Did we ever stop to think that the actor that get's the role actually wants to do it?
They should get points for that alone. They want to bring this character to life.

Another thing that comes to mind when people go on about the way they see characters is: Are you sure you're not seeing a little of yourself as them?
I'm not implying anything by that, just that sometimes I never see a full picture of the character when I read so I get a mix of multiple people. Including myself, people I know and actors.

So maybe that's why the chosen actor isn't what we pictured?
Because that person doesn't exists.

When people complain I sometimes wish that the studio would pull the Parents on a Road Trip, just threaten to turn the car around, and not make the movie at all.

Which leads me to this question: Do we even want books made into movies?
They're rarely what we hope or envision.

Having attempted to make movies myself I know that even those don't come out the way they were originally envisioned. 

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