Friday, January 10, 2014

To Do #8 Zip Line

This is a list of things to do in my life. I'm making it because I'm big on life experiences. They are things I'd like to experience in my life, however small, although very few actually are.

A big part of me knows I made a badge for this. I just don't know where I left it.
Most likely in the same place as the skull badge for this blog.

Here's something to do: Make a new badge. I'm also trying to redesign the skull.
But that really has nothing with today's To Do post.

And today's post is actually a To Done post.

Because I've done it and crossed it off my list!
If I had a list then. Don't think I did, from what I can tell I only had an actual list for a year, in 2011, before I  lost it.

Oh well, from August 2010: Zip lining.

Some people don't believe this happened, because apparently they're under the belief of. Well I'm not sure what they believe of me, I'm a little too all over the place.

No one should ever try to pull the "I know you" card with me. Because just when they think they do, I prove them wrong.
It surprises me that I can still surprise people.

But apparently in this situation no one believed I would jump off a cliff and go flying thought the air.
Especially when I describe it like that!

When I found out we were going to Hawaii, and that the island of Kauai had places to zip line, I pretty much announced I wasn't leaving the island without trying it.
Thankfully I did!
It didn't help that most places have weight limits that I barely met, though. By the longer ones our tour guide started sending over some of the guys first in case I needed to be reeled in.
I didn't. Though that there would have been a fun story in it self.

Zip lining was one of the most fun things I've done, and I'm all for doing it again.
Besides, there's nothing more therapeutic than taking a long run off a short cliff.
As long as you know you're tied down.

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