Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tune In Tuesday - The "Want" Song

Tune In Tuesday Love Song Edition Part 2
As much as I love love songs that profess a persons love and go on about how they feel about a person,  a part of me likes "want" love songs a lot more.

My definition of a "want" love song? Simply put, a song that says what we all want out of love.

So they're not exactly love songs, more like songs about love.

I'm not sure what, or more likely who, had me wondering one day: what do the Chelseas think about being "somebody's Chelsea?" I'm talking about the women that already have the type of relationship that many of us are still looking for. I guess my question was, do they realize what they have?

I'm not sure how perfect this song would fit in this category, I'm kind of at the point where I'm over-thinking these, but I have to say this song kind of inspires me.
It reminds me that my someone is out there.
Maybe even down the street.

He's not really though, down the street is just a high school and I didn't even want them when I went there.

I wouldn't mind a little crazy.


  1. I really like the jaunty fiddle/banjo/guitar accompaniment to "I Want Crazy." Seems like we both picked songs with a "crazy" theme this week! :)

  2. I agree with Christina, "I Want Crazy" sounds great! I don't usually listen to country songs, but they always sound so good.

    I like that you're going with "want" songs, honestly, I think that's the way to go. I only found my husband after I decided to look for what I wanted out of love rather than falling randomly in love with good looks and never actually getting what I wanted other than eye candy.

  3. I love that you included Reba's songs this week! She has an incredible way of telling full, beautiful stories in just one song. Also, Hunter Hayes, le sigh. Him and his song make me oh so happy. I also wouldn't mind a little crazy ;)