Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not the Suitcase I Thought It Was

Normally I'll be using these post to share bags I've found at thrift stores but today's bag comes from my closet.

It's almost two years since I've started constantly complaining about being stuck in a room with no bookshelves. But have I also mentioned there is no closet and absolutely no empty surfaces?
I can't even describe the situation without getting upset, so I won't.

With the weather getting warmer I realized that I would need to pull out all my dresses from wherever I stuck them at the end of last year.
I say "stuck" because if I had put then away nicely I wouldn't be wondering why I can't find them all.

Normally I would just hang everything around the room, I consider it a win when people ask why I have clothes hanging all over the place. Not to mention all the bags and boots. And books.
It serves as a reminder of how uncomfortable I am.
They always try to cheer me by pointing out that I do finally have a TV, but really? The best the TV can do is distract me from everything laying around all over the place.

Yes I am being dramatic but, honestly, the most room I have to move around in is like 4 by 2.

My point for this story: since it's still kind of early in the season I figured it would be better to store all my warm weathered clothes in my suitcase.

I've always wanted to live out of a suitcase. Though I'm sure it sounds like more fun than it actually is.

I don't know if you'd heard but on Monday morning here in Los Angeles we had an earthquake, and I have to admit when the news reports started talking about emergency packs my first thought was: I just packed a suitcase of clothes.

Not really great for emergencies, true. But apparently after the last big earthquake in '94 my mom had us all go to Las Vegas so in that case I'd be set.

Speaking of 1994, inside my suitcase I had a smaller bag that I used when I was younger. And clearly much much smaller since now I'd be surprised if I could fit more than two pairs of jeans in it.

Of course that might not be a problem because I've come to the conclusion that it's not even a suitcase!

The bottle cap design and insulated lining were big tip offs.

I couldn't help but wonder why a bag for clothing would be insulated. And why would it say "ICE COLD" on the top?

According to my mom, who bought it for our trip to Hawaii, she didn't put much thought into what kind of bag it was she just thought it was pretty.

Which it is.
Growing up I thought it was the coolest bag ever (and now I guess it really is "cool"), I would always look forward to using it.

And now I guess I have a great picnic bag for when I go to the beach.
Which doesn't happen to often so, here's to looking forward to using it again.

It also had a coin purse which I am now hoping really was a purse and not an ice pack. It has since been lost.

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