Friday, March 14, 2014

Rory - Review

Rory (The Ghosts of Palladino, #1)Rory by Ciye Cho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published August 10th 2013

Far beyond heaven, earth and hell is a city known as Palladino, a place ruled by ghosts and filled with demons, magic, and all sorts of darkly beautiful things. A city where no one can ever escape.

Eighteen-year-old Rory is a cake decorator who makes stunning confections. But no amount of frosting or miracles can save her when a demon kidnaps her—and carries her to Palladino. Here, Rory ends up in a deadly charm school where young women are forced to become companions for the Ghost Lords. And for her to survive, Rory must become everything that she isn’t: graceful, elegant... and perfect.

But nothing is what it seems in Palladino. Not the magic. Not the ghosts. And definitely not Martin Marius, the bizarre Ghost Lord-slash-inventor who is drawn to Rory. For amid a thousand machines and a hundred cats, Martin holds a secret that could change everything. A secret that could either free Rory... or destroy her.

In a word: Wonder-filled.
Alright in a hyphenated word.

It was such a great adventure in a great new world. I'm definitely looking forward to going back there.

I started reading this book in the summer (the dark one, that is best forgotten) but for some reason- other than the one I just mentioned I put it on hold for a few months.
I do remember that I was sick when I started it and had started a handful of books that I could just not begin.
I guess this was one of them. It also didn't help that at the beginning Rory's actions kind of mirrored my own that month.

Anyway it's probably for the best that I held off on it for a while.
My point was that I spent a lot of time with the Persephone myth last year and when I started reading I couldn't help but think this was kind of reminiscent of that. Now around it started reminding me of Beauty and the Beast.
Same difference though, we all got that right?

I don't know if that's what the author had in mind, but looking at it like that kind of made it special to me.

Even with the similarities, which are minor, this is a one of a kind story.

Palladino is such an imaginative place. It's like no other. And while it's most likely not a place you'd want to live, I'm sure it'd be nice to visit.
Just, you know, avoid any vengeful ghost. Always a golden rule.
You'll meet so many interesting characters. I honestly never thought I'd fall for a cat!
Or a cat person.

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  1. Great review! I have this book as well, and I really need to get into it. but I was so busy that I still haven't managed that! Soon :)