Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top 5 Things On My Bookish Bucket List

There's just so many book related things that I would love to do that I'm keeping it at five plus I don't even know where to begin with this list.

No wait I think I actually might:
1) Fill an entire wall with bookshelves.
I know I'll never get a room filled with books so I'll take the wall.

I once went over to a friend's house that has a loft over the bedroom and the moment I saw it I started to imagine how I'd have bookshelves and bean bag chairs everywhere. It really was the perfect reading spot.
They didn't have the same idea though.

2) Blogging related: Considering that I started this list about 2 hours ago, how about Focus.
That can apply to books also since sometimes I can stare at a page for ten minutes.

3) Make/find book inspired jewelry.
If a character has a necklace or a charm I'm always trying to find one similar to it.
Why this jewelry line hasn't taken off is beyond me.

4) Find more songs that fit in with books.
I suck at book playlists.

5) Join a book club.
A real one. Which is somewhat of a problem since then I'd have to focus on reading those books too.


  1. I would love to find book inspired jewelry. There really should be more of this! I have a necklace that I got from Jessica Brody's Unforgettable Fan Giveaway, and I love it. It is from her MC in the book. Great idea!
    Good list!

  2. I want to join a book club too!! :) Great list :)