Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Ten All Time Favorite Historical Fiction Books

I love history and I can not get enough historical fiction novels. Especially based in Ancient Egypt or Rome and the 1920's.
I also love books by Michelle Moran and Libba Bray if you couldn't tell from this list.

Cleopatra's Daughter The Diviners (The Diviners, #1) Nefertiti The Second Empress: A Novel of Napoleon's Court The Darkening Dream A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1) Vixen Rumors (Luxe, #2) Victoria and the Rogue: An Exuberant Collection of Fresh, Vivid, and Simple Pasta Recipes Troy

1. Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran
2. The Diviners by Libba Bray
3. Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
4. The Second Empress by Michelle Moran
5. The Darkening Dream by Andy Gavin
6. A Great and Terrible Beauty (The Gemma Doyle trilogy) by Libba Bray
7. Vixen by Jillian Larkin
8. Rumors by Anna Godbersen
9. Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot
10. Troy by Adele Geras

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  1. I like historical books too, though that have to include romance in it :P :) Great list!