Monday, April 14, 2014

3rd Blogoversery Week Giveaway!

3 is the magic number!
At least it's always been a favorite of mine.
Don't really know why though.

But this is my third attempt at blogging, I didn't hit a good review groove until the third book I received, I also got my first author interview with that book. And I had been blogging for three months when I got my first review request.

I guess it really is a good number for me. Which I can only hope carries on to this year.

Like always I stretch out my blogoversery throughout the week, because I like celebrating not only the day I first posted but the day I started putting all this together. It's just too bad I don't remember when that was.

And like always, I'll be spending the week looking back at this past year of blogging. Yes I really do look back at everything I've posted. It's something I enjoy doing, especially when I read some of the odd things I've written.

On that note thank you followers.

On to the giveaway: I have an extra ARC of The Princess of Sparta by Aria Cunninham for you guys.


The true story behind the epic love that sparked the Trojan War and has captivated the world for 3,000 years... Helen of Troy, arguably the most infamous woman in ancient history, was not the seductress of Homer s poems. Her humble story began as a Princess of Sparta; honorable, loyal, with promise to become a powerful queen. Her lauded beauty was more curse than blessing, inciting lust and jealousy in the greedy kings who would make her their prize. Given in marriage to Menelaus of Mycenae, an abusive husband who neither wants nor needs her, she clings to a prophecy made to her about a great destiny, and even greater love.

That destiny awaits her in Paris, a noble prince of Troy, whose reputation for fairness and fortitude precedes him as an Ambassador. Unjustly cursed at birth by a dark omen claiming he will cause the destruction of Troy, Paris is a haunted figure. This omen overshadows his good deeds, making him an object of ridicule amongst the Trojan nobility, and compelling his own mother to try to kill him as a babe. He is a man who has never known love.

Until the day the Fates intervene and Paris travels to Mycenae as an Ambassador of Troy. He meets Helen, and the two souls linked by common destiny and purpose are reunited. Their love becomes legend, provoking the greatest war of ancient history, shaking the foundations of the world, and paving the way for the rise of Greece and Rome.

US only.
You don't have to follow, but it'd be awesome if you guys could get me to 500 followers on Twitter, ever since New Years I've been getting close and then dropping down.

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