Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Favorite Tune Ins

Tune In Tuesday

Normally I would have done two posts today, a normal Tune In post and then in honor of my blogoverery this week feature my favorites. But, well, this just saves time. Plus with my internet being as fickle as I am I'd rather not take my chances.
I had a few songs selected to share for this week but then as I was writing my giveaway post I was reminded of this song so I had to share it today.
It fits!

I had no idea who these guys are, then I looked them up and still didn't really know. I do and I don't remember hearing about them. I do remember this movie though! When it came out I was all about the musketeers, one year I probably saw it twice a month.
For the record these were my high school years.

Learned something about me there.

Over the last year you've also learned that I have no problem making this all about me. I've shared what I want from love and my favorite love songsrepeatedly. I was very into that song last year. And it was mainly because I really needed to get away last summer.

One good thing from last summer was that I picked, what I think is, the best song to describe all of Meg Cabot's characters.
I would  have loved to have gone on a road trip though, where I would have probably listened to a lot of country music. Last year I also shared more about the year I "took up" country music.
But as much as I love country music I can never let go of my musicals. Of course, it's not just country and musicals that I like. Definitely not just those two genres.
Because I am a child of the 90's. And like any child of the 90's I am under the belief that boy bands might just be the greatest thing from that decade. I might have also shared that I wanted about every band inspired doll out at the time. Only ever got Britney.

Did I mention I like country music? Yeah, well I also mentioned that 10 Things I hate About You is my favorite teen movie.
Something I learned about myself was that apparently I'm at the age where I need to watch out before I go cougar. Which, for some reason, part of my family is all for.

One more thing to learn about me: in the song Three is a Magic Number, I can not keep up with the part where they're singing all the multiples of three. Numbers have never been my friends.

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  1. I remember the movie too, and I also don't remember the band! Lol. I love 10 Things I Hate About You! I think I am going to have to watch it again soon! :D