Sunday, April 20, 2014

Goodbye Cupcake


For the last blogoveresry I introduced my new blog button, year before that I changed up the background. This year I've done both!

As much as I liked the pink flower petals, they were one of the first things I did as a designer, they were a little too bright. And as much as I like bright, I do prefer muted tones a bit better.
Not that this new background is all that muted.
But I did tone down the color a bit, and pushed it up on my new button.

Way up.
Kind of went all for it on this one.

At the moment, because my internet sucks I haven't put it on my sidebar so it's one of many things that aren't quite done on this new design. Changes are some things going to bug me in the coming week that I'll eventually change.

Like my new profile picture. It's actually a picture of me now. An old picture, but it's still me.
My original picture of the cupcake it the one thing I hadn't changed in the three years since I started this blog.
In case anyone was ever curious it was a picture of a cupcake. I think it was originally Dora the Explorer but since I ate it while watching Hairspray I said it was Tracy.
Works both ways.
And along with the new profile picture I added a lot more to my profile info.
Love to hear what you think of all my new changes!

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