Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Looking Back

This is my favorite part of my blogoversery week, when I look back at some of the things I've written and realize: I'm more than a little crazy.

Like the time I shared that I once discovered Weeping Angels, long before they were on Doctor Who; still trying to find pictures of those statues by the way.
And I also shared my theory on how I believed that I angered a goddess in a past life.

But mainly, as much fun as it is seeing how weird I can get, it's a great way for me to see how I've changed over time. And, also, for new readers to learn a little more about me.

When I started this blog three years ago I was a film student, but am now a graphic design student. And therefore giving my opinion on designs. Lately I've even been designing a few book covers myself, not actual books of course just whatever comes to mind. Basically I'm making the cover for books I've yet to write. And maybe never will. I might share them someday but for now I've been sharing a lot of the designs I've made using quotes.

I've said that last year was kind of a tough one, but really it was mainly the summer. It was actually a pretty good one for this blog, as time goes by things really do get better for it. I met and discovered a lot of great authors. I read a book that I was finally able to describe as "ginchy." I also read one that made me rethink a nickname I had for my niece.
And I'd like to think I introduced a few followers to new characters.
Except Finnick of course, everyone already loves him!

My rants, I mean "thoughtfilled thoughts" have gotten a bit crazier this year. I really can't explain my mind frame for that one, so much so that I never bothered with Part 2 where I planned on explaining myself. One thought that will be getting a second part soon is my thoughts on author signings. Hopefully I don't go too off topic with this one. I did stay perfectly on topic with my rant about spoilers.

This year we learned that I can not summarize to save a life, but I do know the FOIL method thanks to Meg Cabot.
Speaking of Meg last year was another great Meg-a-Readers where I shared my favorite opening lines from her books.

Maybe it's because I had such a negative outlook on last year in general but I was really inspired to actually want to do something. Even if I never do get to runaway with the Doctor.
But on a positive I've been trying new things. Like when I tired giving up technology. It didn't go too well. Then there's the two new features I started, one still being a work in progress. I said that about the blog when I started it, that it was a work in progress, and here we are now.

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