Monday, May 12, 2014

Blogging: Work? Not to Me

...Well maybe a little. I should say that I got the idea for this post back in February, so it's probably not even the same idea now as it was then.

I've read a few posts on other blogs about how blogging has become like work. And I totally agree with them all; it does take a lot to keep up with everything.
And honestly I don't have too much going on in my life right now.

But even getting up to write this took something.

Mainly a pep talk to myself saying "Get out of bed and do something better!"
(In my defense all I have in this room is a bed and a desk chair so my sitting options are limited.)

But I'd like to think that if I really wanted to I could skip posting anything up today and get to a post when I get to it.
The only posts I ever feel like I really need to get to are review posts, and those go up every two weeks so I'm in no way over-stretching myself.

Except when I set up multiple deadlines. Which does happen frequently.

Last month while getting ready for my blogoversry I was looking though old posts and found something that I told a couple of people, mainly as a joke but I couldn't help but think that it does make sense:

I once met a guy named Zach who said if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I know a lot of people say that but when he said it you bought it.

I wrote that 3 years ago and met Zach -who traveled for his job-when I was 19 so of course I was going to buy it.
Not that I don't believe that now because, it is true. I love to read and I enjoy writing. I never want to make it feel like work and the minute it does I make myself stop.

I'm not trying to change the world; and I'm sure no one wakes up thinking "I wonder what Diana wrote today."
(*Unless you do, though I don't know why you would. But to everyone who stops by frequently, or even occasionally, thank you so much for reading and following. You are awesome!*)
So it's not like everything is going to stop just because I take frequent breaks from writing here.
Not that I plan to stop or take a prolonged break anytime soon.
I just like knowing that I can.

It's comforting knowing that I can go to class, go to work, hang out with whoever, lose my mind (again) this summer from too much time around my sister's kids and do what I'm going to do, and everything here will still be here. Because in the end that's what keeps me coming back, this blog is a home base, like books it'll always be here for me.

We all have our difference reasons for when things get out of control- though in the end we all call it life- but for me when I lose control the best thing I can do is stop and start over on what I do have control over. Like blogging.

It's basically what I said when I first started: I'm doing this for me.
Yes I write reviews for authors who send me their books but if I don't feel like writing, no matter how much I enjoyed the book, they're probably not going to get a raving review worth reading.

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