Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quotable Quotes - Cultivate

Today has really gotten away from me. This week alone has been pretty weird. Like the fact that I was already saying "this week" when it was only two days old.

Complaint for the day: It's a ten minute ride from my class to my house and somehow it still takes me an hour to get home!

That's about the only complaint I can share. Anything else probably requires a whole post. Which might happen next month. Considering that last summer was so "dark" I think, if I'm due for a repeat performance this summer, I should at least try to explain a little about what's going on. Of course when I think "a little" I start taking out all the negatives and realize how much negative there is.

Oh well. Happy thought for now. Enjoying the next few weeks.

I had no idea on what quote to share today and it really was more or less of a coincident that I was working with quotes in class today so had to make one special for today.


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