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The Princess Of Sparta - Review

The Princess of Sparta (Heroes of the Trojan War, #1)The Princess of Sparta by Aria Cunningham
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Published March 14th 2014 by Mythmakers Publishing

The true story behind the epic love that sparked the Trojan War and has captivated the world for 3,000 years...

Helen of Troy, arguably the most infamous woman in ancient history, was not the seductress of Homer s poems. Her humble story began as a Princess of Sparta; honorable, loyal, with promise to become a powerful queen. Her lauded beauty was more curse than blessing, inciting lust and jealousy in the greedy kings who would make her their prize. Given in marriage to Menelaus of Mycenae, an abusive husband who neither wants nor needs her, she clings to a prophecy made to her about a great destiny, and even greater love.

That destiny awaits her in Paris, a noble prince of Troy, whose reputation for fairness and fortitude precedes him as an Ambassador. Unjustly cursed at birth by a dark omen claiming he will cause the destruction of Troy, Paris is a haunted figure. This omen overshadows his good deeds, making him an object of ridicule amongst the Trojan nobility, and compelling his own mother to try to kill him as a babe. He is a man who has never known love.

Until the day the Fates intervene and Paris travels to Mycenae as an Ambassador of Troy. He meets Helen, and the two souls linked by common destiny and purpose are reunited. Their love becomes legend, provoking the greatest war of ancient history, shaking the foundations of the world, and paving the way for the rise of Greece and Rome.

Quick disclaimer: I will be using the word "we" but considering that I don't really know about you it'll mainly be "me".

We all know the story of the Trojan War, and if you had to read Homer in school about the story after the war. But we don't often get the events before it.
Not counting the abduction or golden apple.
(I was 12 when I first heard the story so for me it was the apple.)

As much I love the story of the Trojan War, both as a story and history- though probably more as a story, I have to admit I never gave too much thought to the story of Helen and Paris.
At the end of the day they really don't have much of an involvement in the war itself and are pretty much pawns left holding the matches for everyone to blame.

But in this we get to know them and their romance. And it's quite the romance. It's not an instant love, or instant lust as we get in most romances, we get to fall in love with them through out the story. What they do have is an instant connection and an instant bond as the black sheep of both their families. Both knowing that they belonged somewhere else, but also knowing that they had to accept the life that was fated to them.

Until they realize that, sometimes you have to take what's in front of you, for better or for worse.

Like I said, you fall in love with the characters as they fall in love. But even from the beginning hearing both their stories I couldn't help but caring and feeling for them. The descriptions are so beautifully written that it was like I was already familiar with them and their world.

The Princess Of Sparta is a beautiful romance, a wonderful story and a great addition to any historical fiction fan's shelf.

It definitely left me wanting more.

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