Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tune In Tuesday - Singin' In the Rain

I can't believe it's Tuesday. Although earlier today I did find myself thinking "Oh gods. It's only Tuesday!"
I don't know why that would be a negative, it's not like I have so much going on during the weekend. And I just found out that next semester we'll be getting more hours in class which means I'll only be able to work during the weekend.
Yay! (There should be an exclamation point for sarcasm.)

But on the plus side I only have one more year to go so more hours means that I'll be done quicker.
Maybe. I still need to figure that out. But still one more year!

So this time next year I will desperately be looking for a job.
Which means that I have so many months to finally decide what field I actually want. I'm thinking advertisement but the book nerd in me is saying book cover design.

Oh well, what will be will be.

Since it's pretty late in the day-although with that schedule change I'll probably be getting home at this time- I'm going to share another musical today.




I can't believe that I never shared Singin' In the Rain all those months when I was posting nothing but musicals. My best guess was that by the time I thought of it I figured you guys had had enough musicals.
If there is such a thing.
It did hit me yesterday that I do listen to a lot of show tunes.
Yeah it just hit me.

I saw this movie a couple of times last month and just fell in love with it again, I don't care how good dancers are today they don't move like that anymore.

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  1. Yay for one more year of school! That is exciting! I still haven't watched Singin' In the Rain, I remember seeing bits and pieces of it when I mom had it on when I was younger. Love the songs. I really need to watch it sometime.
    And no. No such thing as being tired of musicals. At least for me. There are so many that I still need to watch.
    Great Tune in Tuesday. I look forward to your next musical post! :D