Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meg-a-Readers Week!

Because it's not summer without the Meg-a-Readers!
This year is kind of bittersweet- and I'm kind of being a drama queen by putting it like that- because we're not getting any new books from Meg this year BUT we do have the promise of three new books next year!

Back in May it was announced that not only were we getting a 7th book in The Mediator series but also an 11th Princess Diaries!
For adults!
Not that that would make much of a difference, we'd read them anyway!

But it's not just the adults that have something to look forward to, because younger readers are also getting a Princess Diaries spin-off.

When these books were announced I kept telling people it was like I was 15 again. I could not remember when I was that (this) excited for a book that was months (a year) away.

And I have to admit the designer in me is already trying to come up with ideas for next year's banner.

Since there aren't any new books to get excited about this year though, Mandy and I decided to take our usual 12 weeks and abridge them down to just one.

The only difference from past years will be that instead of having other bloggers sign up and schedule a date to post whatever they want about Meg Cabot we'll all be doing it at the same time. All you have to do is show up.

And speaking of posting at the same time. We'll also be having a Twitter party to celebrate Meg Cabot Day on July 31st.
This year is actually the tenth anniversary! So we gotta show Meg the love.

Learn more about the Meg-a-Readers.

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