Monday, June 30, 2014

What is Darwin's Children? - Guest Post

Now that this summer is 10 days old and we're pretty much over it- I was over it 10 days before it began- The Summer of Authors can begin!

Alright I'm being a drama queen, summer is great, I just happen to have a lot to look forward to in August so I wouldn't mind skipping ahead a bit.
Plus I don't have many places to go, or ways to get there, so after three days I develop my own version of cabin fever.
It's kind of like in The Shinning.
Only meaner.

Luckily I have a few authors here to help keep me sane, or at least hide some of the crazy.
I jest. I'm always crazy.
(And I just used the word "jest.")

We're starting things off with Natasha Larry, author of the Darwin's Children series, kicking off the week with a quick definition of what Darwin's Children is.

What Is Darwin’s Children?

Experience the evolution.

Jaycie Lerner is about to learn that monsters are real, but not anything like story characters.

Seventeen-year-old telepath just wants to get through her senior year at Edenvale Academy. It’s not always easy with a telepathic father, a surrogate mom with super senses, and a godfather that has no qualms about using his persuasive tongue to keep away her first real crush. Not to mention angelic guardians keep popping up in unexpected places to give her cryptic riddles.

One of those riddles leads her to Haylee Mitchell, a troubled young girl Jaycie suspects has a talent all her own. The two of them form a friendship, then hell breaks lose in the small town of Jonesborough, Tennessee. Literally. And when it does Jaycie will do anything to help her friend fight her past demons.

Darwin’s Children is a multicultural paranormal fantasy with strong family dynamics.

Darwin's Children Unnatural Law (Darwin's Children, #2) Common Descent (Darwin's Children, #3)
To learn more about the series please visit natashalarrybooks

Natasha Larry is a writer, blogger, and aspiring JLA member. She’s an urban fantasy junkie and total DC comics fan girl. She resides in Alabama with her awesome daughter. Darwin’s Children is her first novel length work of fiction.

Twitter: @natashalarry

Check back throughout the week for more on the series and an interview with Natasha on Friday.

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