Monday, July 28, 2014

Meg-a-Readers Week!

It's year 3 of the Meg-a-Readers!

And leave it to me to look at my phone the other night and start freaking out that tomorrow is the 28th and I had nothing for an opening post!
Then I looked at the time and realized it was midnight and I still had a whole day.

I like to think I reveal a lot about myself by admitting that I'm in no way really prepared for this week.

Let's start with getting my least favorite part out of the way, explaining what Meg-a-Readers is: Originally it's two months in the summer where my co-host Mandy, over at The Romance Bookie, myself and any other bloggers (and Meg Cabot fans) that want to participate get together and celebrate Meg's work and her influence in our lives.
Usually accompanied with the release of a new book.

But, alas, we have no new books to look forward to this year. Don't get me started on looking forward to next year though. I'm basically counting the days until I can start counting the days.

Since there's no one book to celebrate this summer, we decided to abridge this event from two months to just one week celebrating all her books.
Well, the ones we can squeeze into just one week.

It's a simplified version of what we've done the last two years anyone; who wants to join in and share their love for Meg Cabot can do so whenever they want.
No sign ups, no schedules, no giveaways.
At least on my part; Mandy is having one.

I would have loved to have spent the last two months rereading all of her books but sadly my shelf, with all her books, is still hidden behind the "magical green curtain"
which is now currently behind a child created landfill.
How I wish I was being a drama queen about that.
So getting to my books would have been all but impossible. And, of course, now that I couldn't get to them I really wanted to reread them.

My original plan for this week was to share reviews for, mainly, Meg's standalones but that obviously would require a reread. I still might share some of the original reviews I wrote the last time I read them but they'd have to have the disclaimer of being written so many years ago.

What I've decided to do is basically what I've been doing with the Summer of Authors- which is only happening because there's no summer long Meg-a-Readers, and is being skipped this week because of the Meg-a-Readers week- and that's to spotlight Meg any way possible.
Only because it's Meg with a little more sparkle.
(Sorry other authors, we'll talk in 10 years.)

And speaking of ten years; this Thursday (Aug. 31st) is the tenth anniversary of Meg Cabot Day in Meg's hometown of Bloomington, Indiana! And really everywhere Meg Cabot fans can be found.

Last year we celebrated the day on Twitter with the hashtag #because of MegCabot and I just loved reading everyone's responses on how Meg has influenced their lives so I can't wait to see what everyone shares to celebrate the tenth anniversary!

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