Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Things To Know About Author Dan Dembiczak - Guest Post

Imperfect Paradise by Dan Dembiczak tells the story of Sarah Chizneks’s internal awakening and delivers a powerful message about hope, happiness, and finding your place in the world. A classic romance with a contemporary twist, it is sure to appeal to fans of modern, liberating fiction.

For thirty-two-year-old Sarah Chizeck, marriage was not an option, but an expectation. She was raised to believe that a woman’s main focus is to get married and start a family, and she put everything else on hold to accomplish this goal.
So when she finally marries her boyfriend of five years, Sarah and her family are ecstatic. But underneath Sarah’s smiles, something else is lurking.

Sarah’s career and personal interests were not all she put on hold to pursue marriage. She also put her feelings on the backburner and buried her emotions. But when she reluctantly goes to Hawai’i for her honeymoon, they all come to the surface, and she is both pleased and alarmed by the sensory experiences she encounters.

Terrified by her attraction to a handsome young concierge, Sarah is forced to confront her new feelings, as well as what she previously ignored, and she ultimately comes to shocking revelations about her upbringing, marriage, and future.

Dan Dembiczak is a Seattle native who began writing stories as soon as he could spell. He earned a BA in creative writing from the University of Washington, and has worked extensively in local theater as a playwright, actor, director, and producer. Eight of his plays were produced in Seattle, including the popular four-part Capitol Hill High series, and a number of his articles and short stories have appeared in publications in Seattle and Los Angeles.
He primarily resides in Seattle with his husband, dog, and chickens but calls Hawaii his second home.

Here are 10 things that the author thinks you should know about him:
1. I was painfully shy as a kid and had many imaginary friends.  They later became my first characters.  My favorites were a devious set of twins living in Tucson, Arizona.  One ran a hotel while the other worked in the CIA! 

2. I have three older sisters and the closest one in age to me is 5 years.  So I kind of grew up as a pseudo-only child.  They all went to Washington State University while I went to University of Washington.  In high school I got my own car while in their years they all three had to share one.  It was held over me for years.

3. I spent a year living in Los Angeles pursuing acting.  You may have seen me dancing awkwardly (they don't play music on set) in the Peach Pit After Dark (90210, the original) or Party of Five. 

4. I hate celery.  Like really, really, really hate it.  If I order things like tuna melts I always have to clarify whether it will be present or not.  I also think cantaloupe is pretty disgusting.

5. I used to be cursed by the 4th of July.  I've had my head split open by a wavering baseball bat, been bit on the face by a dog, come down with the flu and suffered food poisoning.  I tested fate this year and went out on a boat.  I'm still here!

6. I've been to the Big Island ten times since 2007.  I use my Hawaiian Airlines credit card for basically everything.  I tried buying a car with it, but they would only let me use it for a small portion.

7. I went to my first young authors conference in 4th grade.  I wrote a book about a teacher who always wore roller skates.  My second book was called "Crow Heaven" and it involved a tragic case of a crow getting stuck in a cloud.

8. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Heathers."  I can recite the entire script. 

9. I've been to all the sites mentioned in Imperfect Paradise.  My favorite is swimming in the hot pond in the rain.  So glorious. 

10. The main character in Imperfect Paradise becomes obsessed with lilikoi (passion fruit) margaritas.  I had my first one at Rueben's Mexican in Hilo and it's always one of my first stops when I get to town.  They keep a running tally of how many margaritas are served on a reader board.  Last time they were like close to 100,000!

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