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Louise Caiola Author Interview

As a young girl growing up on Long Island, Louise spent most of her allowance on Nancy Drew mysteries. She soon realized that one day, she might have a story of her own to tell. Maybe even more than one story.
Although motherhood took center stage in her life for many years, Louise went back to college after her children were older to study that which she knew deep down was her true passion; creative writing. She soon began to craft a collection of short stories which were published in the inspirational online magazine, FAITH HOPE AND FICTION.
Shortly thereafter, her first novel, Wishless, a contemporary YA, was
penned and ultimately released in 2011 .
After having her next novel, The Making of Nebraska Brown, picked up by Immortal Ink Publishing, Louise was invited to join their publishing team, where she is now working in editing, marketing  and acquisitions.
In the coming months Louise will have her two-book collection of short stories (Petit Fleurs and Vignettes) released through Immortal Ink. She also has two more full-length novels currently in various phases of production.
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1. Are you currently working on any new projects?
Yes, I’m currently involved in several new projects that I am really excited about. The first one is the Pandora Box Set where I have combined forces with nineteen other bestselling and outstanding authors. Together we’ve compiled a collection of twenty full-length paranormal novels and novellas selling for JUST .99 cents for the entire set! This offer will only be available for one month and then it’s gone. However, my YA PNR novella WHAT TRULY KNOWS, which can be found in Pandora, will be released individually in mid-September. Check it out and be sure to add it on Goodreads here:
Plus, for those short story fans out there, stay close! In October, Immortal Ink Publishers will be releasing a two-book collection of my stories – sixteen in all. These books are called PETIT FLEURS and VIGNETTES and are also on Goodreads: and add them if you would be so kind!
You can join my mailing list to be notified of releases, contests, giveaways and freebies:

2. Do you have a favorite character either in other books or one you've written?
My favorite character is usually the one I’m either currently writing or have just finished writing. In this case I was really fond of Truly from WHAT TRULY KNOWS. She’s a sweet southern girl with a special gift of psychic intuition, and I enjoyed watching her learn to manipulate it to suit her life. Ann Leigh from THE MAKING OF NEBRASKA BROWN was also very important to me. Some people found her to be a bit self-absorbed and brash. This was the very thing I admired most about Ann Leigh. She was uniquely and unapologetically flawed. For that, she will remain one of my favorite characters. 

3. What was the first thing you ever wrote about? And how old were you?
I’ve been writing little stories and scenes ever since I was about twelve years old. I recall being inspired after reading the novels of S.E. Hinton and wanting to create a cast of characters much like those in That was Then, This is Now.So I invented a group of teenagers and devised plot lines for them, but at that time I didn’t sew the pieces together into one cohesive work. It was more like scraps of fabric waiting to become a quilt. The good news now is that in the coming years I have learned to finish what I start!

4. Do you have anything specific that inspires you, or makes you think something would make a good story?
Reading always inspires me to write. I can’t seem to get through more than five pages of any particular novel before something inside my head starts nibbling at me to write. Sentences start flying through my brain and I have to record them or risk losing them forever. 

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
Every now and then I like to take a ride out to the country where the hustle and bustle thins out and I can hear the chirping of the crickets hidden in the miles of wildflowers. This clears the daily brain- sludge and I’m refreshed again. I also enjoy walking outdoors, watching movies on the big-screen TV and designing floral crafts. 

6. If you could travel back to the past or into the future where would you go?
Past, for sure. I would go back to the time when I was about eight years old and I spent the summer with my entire family together at our bungalow on Long Island which we no longer own. Everyone was still alive and well and happy then. Time was still a vague notion to me, and there was so much living yet to do. Those were very special, joyful moments in my life

7. Night owl, or early bird?
Morning? Groan. Make it go away. Always creeps around too quickly, don’t you think?

8. What is one book everyone should read?
If I say The Making of Nebraska Brown would that be wrong? Haha! Okay, legit – you guys need to read Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert is awesome. 

9. Do you make a playlist while you write or have a certain song that you feel represents the story?
I cannot write with any sound in the room. I find that terribly distracting. But I always have one particular song in mind when I plot a new story. For example “Nothing Better to Do” by LeAnn Rimes was hanging around my head while I was writing Nebraska Brown. I don’t think it represents the story, though it felt close to my thoughts in some way

10. Any advice for aspiring writers?
Read as much and as wide-spread as you can. Venture outside your preferred genre, and read at least one “classic.” Study the art of narration. Learn the ebb and flow of a novel. There is a sure and certain “tide” to writing, and if you don’t find it and apply it to your own work, your story won’t float as it should. 

11. Finish the sentence: I do my best writing when...
I’m ensconced in quiet, with hours at my command and a newly rested mind.

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