Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Post

Ha! Who am I kidding I hardly ever schedule posts. And they're never regular. In more ways than one.
And this is a solo blog so I don't even know what I mean by "our."

Anybody else miss my odd off-track banter. I know I did. Look a bird!
I actually have been birdy sitting this summer. Which is pretty much the only interesting thing I can say about my summer.

Other than maybe one post and a couple of reviews I have not written anything since June, thanks to The Summer of Authors event I had running.
6 authors in however many weeks. Not counting the honorary features I gave out in between; Meg Cabot with our Meg-a-Readers week in July and Christine Amsden last week to name a few.
Last week's Christine Amsden's post are actually why I held off my official return another week since the event actually ended two weeks ago on the 12th.

Barely back a week and I'm already procrastinating. It's like nothings changed.
Not that I was excepting any changes. Here anyway.
Plus I had to move everything into my incredibly tiny room and couldn't actually get to my computer anyway.
I shared a picture a few weeks ago on Twitter when I had to take everything off my bookshelves (so yes I am now officially shelf-less) showing what little space I have. Compared to last week that was nothing.
That's basically how it looked again this week only instead of so many books it was mainly bags, clothes and teddy bears. (I collect when I travel.)  And you can actually see the floor here, not so much last week.
And it's still not all gone.

My summer break here was mainly in case I decided to have another mental break down like last year's.
Because I "decided" to totally snap last summer.

No snapping this summer and really nothing else worth mentioning either.

So basically this post was a warm up ramble for what I hope is yet to come in future posts. Like, I am hoping to finally find a way to explain my rambling reviews. Also known as the 5 starred ones.

I do have a few things planned but for now I'm probably going to go with the flow. So pretty much business as usual.

As of now I'm feeling hopeful for the next three months.
I give this feeling 6 hours.

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