Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hour 10

Hour 10, I'm back from work, I've eaten. My cable is out. And I do mean "my cable" only my room. I have a few hours before a crazy relative comes over to try and kidnap me to some party because I need to have "fun."
If she only knew, right?

I want to do a few challenges before I jump back in; but first can I share my current playlist?

Something about hearing my name repeatedly is really working for me.
There is an explanation for this playlist.

On to the challenges:

Quotable Quotes because I do love my quotes.

All that has happened before matters no more. Your path is only yours to take. The choice yours to make.
John Dreamer by Elise Celine

Show It Off 3.0!
Here’s your challenge: I want you to show off a book (or books) from your shelves that you are extremely proud of. The unique, signed or simply dear-to-your-heart editions that you’d grab if there were a fire.

I have three I'd like to share but I'm just going to pick one and that's because it's the first book I ever got signed, I currently have a large box filled with signed books (best way to protect them until I get a special shelf for them) so of course this is the special one.

This one is special for more reasons than one.
1, like I said, it was the first I ever got signed. 2. It's MEG CABOT! My all time favorite author. 3. Thanks to the Meg-a-Readers I have received a few more books signed by her but this is the only one personalized, and again the first.
 I'll try to post in 3 hours.

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