Monday, November 24, 2014


While I have written down random ideas for my "Thoughfilled Thoughts" posts I could not get myself to write about any of them. So instead for today's "Thought" I'm going to do something I don't normally like to do but tell myself I should try often.

Share what's happening.

In short: not much worth sharing.
And that's why I don't like doing this.

Even if there is something worth sharing I'm not really one to post about my day at the Ren Faire. As much as I'd like to; I just can't sit down and write about such simple things. And yet I can easily go on and tell you about how much I love Renaissance Fairs.

I can't help but notice that I haven't had a consistent post since September when my summer feature The Summer of Authors ended. And here I was so hopeful at the time for these last few months.

My excuse; because I hate calling it that, I'm only home (and awake) about 4 hours. I've had to pick read or write. And even then I have to throw in eating.

I've been taking classes at night, because it's "necessary." Honestly if I ever use what I've learned in that class towards my career I'll donate the money I make.

The class itself isn't so much the problem, other than it being so late at night it's probably why I'm getting sick because my eating hours are so screwed up.
The problem is my fellow classmates. Two of them.

One that follows me around so closely that I'm always thinking that one night he's going to decide he wants to know what my hair smells like. And another that acts like we've been best friends forever, who I believe will make things very awkward when it's time for the class to end.

Do I sound like a coincided snob?
I "believe" one guy is fixated with me and that the other wants to give me a friendship bracelet?

Well first off, I jumped off the "I'm just imagining this guy following me" train of thought when he started going way out of his way when I went by and doubling back when I started going in the same direction. We don't, and have never, talked so it's not like he's waiting up for a friend.

It's always a sad reminded to know that I live in a world where I'm just crazy until this guy really does decide to find out what my hair smells like.

And as for "friendship bracelet guy" we'll just have to wait and see. Though he did give me a speech on how bad some relationships can be when I mentioned having a boyfriend.

3 more weeks.

Moving on:
Other than my non-book related posts, which I have always tried alternating between, I think my posting here have been more or less there.
I'm not rushing to write any reviews, although I probably should do something about that to make sure things stay that way.
I only ever post one review a week every two weeks, unless it's a tour or pub. date which I've been missing a lot of this year; and that's the way I've always done it because I know rushing to read and review a book won't work for anyone. I knew there'd be days when I don't sit and write and I didn't want it to be review after review here.
This is still a me blog, no matter how much I try not to write about what's going on with me; and I've really missed writing my random "me" posts which probably haven't been around since May.

This isn't me saying I don't have time to write, although that has been the case the last two months and next three weeks, it's me saying I really need to get back to my old ways and start thinking further ahead to my postings. Because that's the thing I have not sat down and planned out my posts in far too long.

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