Thursday, January 29, 2015

25 Things About Me + Giveaway

I'm turning 25 today! Or I turned 25 today? I was pretty anxious this morning and didn't really mellow out until noon; so maybe that's when my age officially changed. I don't know.

Of course turning 25 I just had to do 25 things about me. I needed something to beat last year's "Diana" themed playlist.
Which I listen to all the time, by the way.

And I didn't have a giveaway last year either.

I've been thinking and realized that I probably have thoughts long enough for a separate post on turning 25 so I'll save that for a later post.
Hopefully not too "later."

25 Things About Me:

1) I can not stand it when I tell people my age and they freak out because they thought I was younger.

2) I mainly love watching TV shows from the '60's. But I love old movies from before then.

3) If I'm upset and anyone wants to mellow me out; a 3 Musketeers bar and Dr Pepper is all they need.

4) I love 3 Musketeers chocolate bars and movies about The Three Musketeers.
In one week I saw three different versions of the same story from different years.

5) When I was 14 I wrote down what I wanted in 10 years. I've only managed one which was to travel to at least three different countries.
(Thankfully that one would have been my top pick.)

6) I know I wrote this because I have all the journals I've written since middle school.

7) Thanks to my obsession with Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries these journals are filled with random things.

8) Speaking of Meg Cabot. I spent all my time in my 9th grade computer class reading her blog.

9) I call the Summer of 2013 "The Summer of Grease" because I spent it watching the movie repeatedly.
And it's all I care to remember from it.

10) I didn't have my first drink when I turned 21, I waited almost a year until I was 22.

11) I am an incredibly late bloomer.

12) I tend to enjoy things most people don't.
If a movie get's low ratings it's probably a favorite.

13) On the other hand; I'm not usually a fan of highly popular things. Exa. super hero movies, In 'n' Out burgers, most musicians on the top 40.

14) The only full novel I've read in an entire day was Meg Cabot's Princess in the Spotlight.

15) In 2009 I only read 5 new books, spending six months trying to read Gregory Maguire's Wicked.

16) Even though my bedroom walls and even my blog are pink; it is not my favorite color.

17) I'm kind of jealous of people my age.

18) I have no problem admitting that because I know that what I'm jealous of is mainly an idea. And I know I'm lucky to have what I do and don't have.

19) I was once in a Best Buy commercial that only aired in stores.

20) I absolutely hate it when people mispronounce or misspell my name.
It's Diana. Not Diane, Dianna, Deanna or Daina!

21) I have only ever seen the first and last 20 minutes of The Notebook and don't have much of an intention to see what happens in between.

22) I have written letters to myself every night before my birthday since I was about 16.

23) My height is 5'1/2 but will tell people I'm 5'1 except on official forms where I'll just leave it at 5''.

24) I'm a huge fan of mythology, especially the Greek goddess Artemis (Diana to the Romans) and have found that we have a long list of things in common.

25) I am an Aquarius but have a fear of large bodies of water.

Another thing about me?
For my birthday I bought myself tickets to go see the musical Wicked.
So I thought it would be fun to giveaway a copy of the book by Gregory Maguire, but then I saw what I said above on number 15.
So I decided to give an ebook copy of another Oz retelling: Dorothy Must Die.

All you have to do is fill out the form.
Because I love forms! Or as I said above, "things most people don't."

Extra entry for Twitter followers; plus I am very close to 1000 followers on Twitter so if we get there soon I'll add a second winner.

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  1. First off, happy birthday!!! Second, I enjoyed reading more about you.