Monday, April 20, 2015

Look Back

I guess this is the blogoversery post where I look back on the year. I'm normally better prepared for this post. I'm normally better prepared for this week actually.
It's kind of discouraging, really, because this is usually my favorite part of the week.

What has happened this year?
Well during last year's blogoveresry I introduced not only a new background, my new button but also added more to my bio.

I apparently admitted that my dad would like to have me up in an attic like Mrs. Rochester. Which is kind of a sad thing to admit. He and my nephew both talk to screens and yet I'm the crazy one.
Well I guess I kind of am when I go off on one of my rants, especially when I get to call it Part 2. Of course there are a few that don't need a second part.

I started a new feature last year Books, Bags, Beads & Boys and I actually managed to use "Boy." Of course I don't think I've posted since. I got to indulge my inner book cover designer (because I'm still working on becoming a real one) and pick out some of my favorite covers. I also got to introduce (new to me) singers. And new favorites. And share my ideal YA prom.
PS Gabriel's last name turned out to be Tallon, I had to ask author Elisa Nader when she saw that I picked him as my prom date. Apparently his full name is: Gabriel Herbert Tallon.             

I shared so much in one review I don't even think I called it a review.

Despite what I've been telling myself this week I'm always trying to remind myself blogging has never been "work" to me. And I did a surprisingly good job prophesizing what I'll be doing this time next month. At least I've decided what I want to do and let go of any hope in being "a welder by day and dancer by night."

Looking back through the year I was reminded that I never picked a song to represent the year like I do every year. I realized that of the 10 series/trilogies I want to finish I've only managed 2 and a half (meaning I only have one more book to go and will definitely try as soon as I finish my current read.

Since last year didn't have any new Meg Cabot books it also didn't have a prolonged Meg-a-Readers during the summer so instead I tried something new in featuring different authors throughout the three months. I had so much fun sharing song picks that went along with the books. Of course there were a few that made me think about more than the book. Some more so than others.

I got to share my love of wigs and wings. And like most years I shared a lot more about myself. Like how I feel towards characters I fall for. After years of complaining about my lack of shelves I finally shared where my books are currently stored.

I started yet another feature which I've already missed a few posts for.

All in all favorite post is probably the one that included me saying" If I suggest making it a drinking game every time the girl describes the guy as a god, it's probably too much. Half of the things I say in that post really.

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