Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why I Shouldn't Be Giving Advice

Yesterday I revisited my 10 pieces of advice for new bloggers that I wrote after my first year of blogging and honestly knew I was probably the last to be giving advice.

I don't think I'm "blogger" enough to be giving out advice.

So for today I decided to take it all apart.

1. Just go with the flow. It wasn't until the start of this year that my posts started to come out smoothly. The first few months everything was so choppy. Random review here, whatever I was reading there. A couple of those months had nothing but book trailers.

Yes I still agree with going with the flow, but scheduling what you want to posts wouldn't hurt either.
I guess my point was don't worry about missing a post, don't think you're on a deadline. Unless you are; then definitely have those done days in advance.

I can't enforce the make a schedule idea because I rarely ever stick with mine for longer than a month.

2. Don't worry When I first started I had my moments when I would just start worrying. I didn't know what I was going to be writing, it's not like I was reading the newest things out. Plus I didn't want to be all about books, so what would my main topic be? I'm still wondering about that.

At times I still admit to wondering. This is really only a book blog every two weeks, of course the weeks it's not are usually the ones I'm more relaxed about my posts. Some days I just don't know what, or want to, write and I do still worry about what I'm going to say. But like I said above: no deadlines no problems.

"No deadlines, no problems."? So basically if no one is making me I won't bother.

3. Don't try to fit in

I gave this advice again (along with the video) during the Loveathon back in February but later felt like I should have elaborated.
Although really; what's to explain? Just because you see another blogger doing things one way doesn't mean you should try to fit into that system.
This clip was cut off and in case you've never seen I Love Lucy it goes on to show her in a row with the girls where she clearly stands out. Don't be afraid to stand out, but do it your way.

Sometimes "standing out" makes you too "out there."

Which also goes well with:
4. DON'T look at other blogs. Just don't. You might not purposely be comparing yours to theirs but deep down it might just happen without you even noticing.

"That blog get's great ARCs. That blog always has amazing giveaways. This blogger has a way with her reviews."
It's like I tell my sister's kids when they have to split a donut and I get a whole one: "Don't look at other people, focus on what you have."
Your time will come. There might even be a time when you have so many ARCs you won't know what to do with them, because reading might not be a top option.

It's not all about the ARCs though. I maybe only get one hard copy a year, so I still think those moments are special.
There are a few sites that will offer books, published or pre-published, for reviews so all you have to do is find them and give your honest opinion. Don't worry how others are writing their reviews do it the way you feel is right.
This advice from the blogger that get's a little crazy and tends to wander with her reviews.
Every once in awhile when an author likes my review or contacts me about it, I always look back to make sure I didn't write anything too weird. I usually do, but, hey, the authors didn't mind.

That actually is good advice. I probably did compare myself to other blogs my first few months- like 12- and I admitted a few months ago that I get jealous of sometimes. But when it comes to the way I run this blog I am 100% sure of how I want to do it.

The last few on this list felt kind of redundant to me so I'm not even going to break them down. But other reasons I shouldn't be giving advice. This post so far? Not at all what I wanted. But then again I was probably just going to list my writing process which I don't actually have.

I guess that while I'll apparently never stop learning the main thing to know is that we're all going to do it our way because it's the way we feel is right.

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