Monday, May 11, 2015

4th Annual Meg-A Readers!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled (ha! that's a joke, nothing here is ever regular and rarely scheduled) post for a special feature here on the blog: the 4th annual Meg-a Readers!

(There's a fanfare playing in my head.)

This year is an extra special one because we not only get two new books but both Princess Diaries books!

Royal Wedding; the long awaited continuation to the Princess Diaries (the one I didn't even know I wanted until I heard it was happening) and From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess the spin-off for younger readers about Mia's little sister!

That's two books about two princesses of Genovia!
Coming out within two weeks of each other!

What is Meg-a-Readers you ask?
It's where my co-host Mandy, over at The Romance Bookie, myself and any other bloggers (and Meg Cabot fans) that want to participate get together and celebrate Meg's work and her influence in our lives.
Usually accompanied with the release of a new book.
This year being Royal Wedding and Middle School Princess.

I'm always saying that Meg Cabot is the reason I read and it all started with the Princess Diaries, so I'm definitely going to be sharing some extra love this month.

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