Friday, May 15, 2015

My "Princess Diaries" Experience: Part 2

Continued from yesterday's post.

After that I was hooked!

Goodbye, everything I thought I knew. Hello new world!
I carried my copy of The Princess Diaries around like it was a security blanket. Mia instantly became my new best friend and since at the time my best friend had ditched me after 6 years, really my only friend. I'm not even sure how many times I read it that summer.
My system was probably: read The Princess Diaries, read another book, read The Princess Diaries, read another book.
I was gone! If anything I probably fell in love with the movie all over.
Suddenly I had a new favorite part:
Don't think I didn't cheer this part.

It wasn't until almost six months later that I got books 2 through 4. And then the waiting for book 5 began!

You readers who think that you've been waiting forever for this new book next month (that you didn't even expect), you have no idea what it was like to wait for the series itself knowing there was more to come.
Unless you're like me and have been with it from the start.

Alright, honestly with book 5 I didn't even think the story was continuing. I figured she get's a pretty good ending with Michael at the end of book 4, what more could we ask for?

And then I found out!
Both about book 5 and what we could ask for!

During one of my many rereads I noticed the link to Meg's website and that's when I not only realized a new book was coming out very very soon but also discovered all her other books.

Although believe it or not I still waited six months to start on her other books. I could blame The Hobbit because it took me almost six months to read, and I did pick it over All-American Girl when I saw them both on the shelf.
Six month to read The Hobbit, six weeks to read all the Meg Cabot books I could get my hands on.

Oh look tomorrow will be ten years since I first started When Lighting Strikes!

But back to The Princess Diaries: these books were not only a huge part of my life, but they're a part of who I am.
The only reason I don't go on more about it is because people think they're being clever and point out my name is the same as Princess Diana's. (And now I got another one to deal with, bonus point for the people who constantly think my middle name is Elizabeth! It's Lisbeth.) Because it's the only princess related thing they can say.

I can't completely say The Princess Diaries made me who I am, like I mentioned in yesterday's post I was a drama queen long before I ever discovered it, and I can't say if it even played a factor other than giving me a love of books. Which is one thing alone to be grateful for.
It's made me feel, it's made me think, it's the reason I'm constantly using the phrase "self-actualized" and it's just given me so much that words can not explain how much this series means to me.

Don't ask me about my high school years ask me about my Princess Diaries years.

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  1. Loved reading your Princess Diaries story Diana! When I was in high school my "fiction friend" was Betsy Ray from the Betsy-Tacy high school books by Maud Hart Lovelace. I wanted to belong to a "crowd" of high school friends like Betsy so bad!