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My "Princess Diaries" Experience(s): Part 1

I had to break this post up into two since, being me, I went on a little more than I thought I would so second part will post tomorrow

I shared how I found Meg's books during our first Meg-A-Readers three years ago, but seeing as how that first book was The Princess Diaries and this year we're all about the princesses I figured it would be a good time to revisit that day.

Like most readers I discovered Meg Cabot thanks to a certain Disney movie based on her book
The Princess Diaries.

Random story: my mom was brushing a little girl's hair and when the brush flew out of her hand I asked if she broke it, she responded by saying "Oh what like Princess Mia?"
She does pay attention!

I was 11 when the movie came out, but I remember it like it was yesterday.
Which kind of makes me question my life if I remember things like that so well; like I also remember what I was wearing when I went to see the second one 11 years ago.

Quick telling of that day: (or you know, what I actually do remember) I spent it with my cousin- other than being the only other girl in my family at the time; we were also born a few months from each other so we spent a lot of time together, (sadly we lost touch sometime around the second movie). I'm pleased to say I don't actually remember what we did, probably watched some stupid movie and made fun of our other cousin; but I do remember her mother annoying me (which even if I didn't remember wouldn't be too far a guess). And speaking of annoying her step-father decided to join us at the movies, but spent most the way there trying to convince my dad to ditch us at the "kiddie" movie and go over to the other movie playing (name of which I won't share).
Thing most people don't know: my dad happens to like "kiddie" movies.

We all tried to convince her step-dad to go on his own but instead he went in with us, and then when it ended decided we were going to sneak in to see his movie.
On my side bio here I say that I've been a self-proclaimed drama queen since I was 12, well at age 11 I was working up to that and had myself a bit of a drama queen moment (or, since it does fit the occasion, a "Princess Mia moment;" I believe had I kept a better journal at the time it would have sounded a lot like Mia's). I was mad: I don't want to watch this movie! All I wanted was the princess movie! You've ruined what was a really great day! We don't even have tickets! People paid to see this and now there aren't enough seats! And what the hell are you teaching us kids!?
During this movie my cousin turned to me excited and announced that it was funny that our parents enjoyed the "kiddie" movie more than us and that we were enjoying this unnamable movie more than them.
Me (in my mind of course): NO! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE HERE! THIS MOVIE IS STUPID!

When the movie let out at like 9 (that's a guess but I also remember I got even madder when I realized I was missing that night's episode of Charmed), step-dad decided we were going out to dinner: for Chinese food. Which, of course, I did not eat at the time, so I most likely went without dinner.

My dad, who actually did want to leave after our movie, found it amusing for years after that at 11 I had morals, refused to be pushed into doing something I didn't want to and knew right from wrong.
(For a man who enjoys princess movies, he really wasn't meant to have a daughter.)

Hmm, now I gotta wonder why I even like this movie, you'd think I'd have a pretty bad connotation to it.

But despite the crappy day I had when I went to see it I did really enjoy it.
So much so that two years later while at the bookstore I was instantly drawn towards a book titled: The Princess Diaries.

There it was all pink with it's tiara.

(Which is kind of similar to this blog background now that I think of it... I'm sure there's no connection. No really there isn't; at least not a conscious one.)

I joke that it was that day that I realized: they make movies out of books!?
I also say that I don't even what I was doing in a bookstore in the first place. But I probably considered myself a bit of a reader at the time, even if I only read so many books.
 The Princess Diaries might be my first Meg Cabot novel, but my first actual Meg Cabot book was
Princess Lessons: A Princess Diaries Book

Princess Lessons. I'm not sure why I chose to read this first.

I thought I'd be ready to share my journal entry from that day but, no, still not happening. Which is too bad because I was hoping to share a few entries here.

Let's just say I was super excited. And has a crush on a guy named Paul.

The only thing I will share is the date: May 1, 2003
I discovered The Princess Diaries on Princess Mia's birthday!
Now that I think of it I've always been drawn to that date.

After that I was hooked!

to be continued tomorrow

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