Friday, June 12, 2015

Meg-a-Readers Final Post

I think I was planning on making my final post a letter to Meg Cabot.
Which, now that I'm sitting here trying to write doesn't seem like too bad an idea.

My main hesitation is that I've already said so much with some of my post this time around. And while I probably can go on I've shared so much of my appreciation and gratitude towards Meg and her books that a letter now would just seem like another post.
Of the 10 posts I've written in the last 5 weeks, maybe only three don't have me going on about Meg and Mia changing my life in some way.

Instead how about just a recap:
(Which I know I didn't do this time around.)

Week 1:
I shared My Princess Diaries Experience, where I told the story of going to see the movie and then my discovery of the books.

LK Kimball did Six Questions with Suze Simon of the Mediator series.

Karen @ Lady Jessop shared her review for Middle School Princess.

Week 2:
I shared 10 of my favorite inspirational quotes from Meg's books. How Meg got me through the teen years. And my review for Middle School Princess.

Karen @ Lady Jessop share the ten things she loved about Royal Wedding.

Mandy @ The Romance Bookie shared her review for Middle School Princess.

Deanna @ Deanna Writes reviewed the Avalon High Audiobook.

Week 3:

I reposted my reviews for the first ten Princess Diaries. 1-5 & 6-10.

Akilah @ The Englishist share her appreciation for Meg Cabot.

Deanna @ Deanna Writes wrote another audiobook review this time for Jinx.

Week 4:
Royal Wedding came out!!!

And we reviewed.
Truth: I read the book two months before but didn't start writing a review until two days before it's pub date.

Karen @ Lady Jessop.

Mandy @ The Romance Bookie

I shared videos from the Fred Astaire musical Royal Wedding because I watched the movie while reading the book.

Week 5:

My thought while reading Royal Wedding.
And again my continuing appreciation of Meg Cabot, by way of the musical Wicked.

And that's that.
Sorry if I missed anyone, both now and when the posts originally came out I tried stopping by everyone's blogs but chances are I overlooked some of them.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this year. Thank you to Meg Cabot and her assistant. And a special thanks to the publishing gods who sent out ARCs of both books, not to mention a finished copy of Royal Wedding. That one saved me the time of having to convince my dad to take me to the bookstore to buy it just for old times sake since that's what we did with the first ten books throughout high school.

And don't forget there's still a week left in the giveaway.
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